Tao Lin / Mandalas

Some mandalas, in the past, have represented the universe. Jung encouraged his patients to draw mandalas. He called them “psychological expression[s] of the totality of the self” which to me is also a representation of a world, the world of the self. I like to imagine all the mandalas I draw as representing a world, or many worlds overlapped. Some worlds I’ve imagined myself to be symbolizing while drawing: The world of my relationships with people. A world I might want to exist in—a place of more, rather than less, complexity and variety. A world I might like to explore. A world I will be forced to exist in at some point. A world someone I like will one day get to explore or be forced to exist in or be condemned to exclusively study for a thousand years.

Ajmir Kandola

Source: In conversation with Tao Lin on his man…
Cover image edited on 11/11/20