In his final work, a short essay about "life" written 2 years after the death of Guattari and just before his own, Deleuze describes "pure immanence" as a vital, relational, collaborative, and communal plane of emergence on which we can embody, experiment with, and navigate radically multiple potentialities of life and becoming that may seem to have been foreclosed by the affective weight of our deeply precarious, hyper-normativizing, and ceaselessly totalizing present. The catch is that this radical and queer potentiality to become-otherwise-together is and has always-already been inside of all of us, virtually embodied yet materially dormant, waiting to be activated and expressed by our literal coming together to do the damn thing. With this concept in mind, our performances and parties seek to activate a plane of consistency among various styles and genres of music that are intended to be used as tools for performatively stretching our collective senses of the feelable and the possible.