• Generation Why - Zadie Smith:
--> mark zuck is mind controlling us
--> technology doesn’t satisfy what we want - meaningful human interactions and “real” human interactions

• You Are Not A Gadget - Jaron Lanier:
--> alot of technology we use was a first pass, not necessarily the best/well thought out

• The Medium is the Message - Marshall McLuhan:
--> the medium shapes what the message will be
--> hot and cold mediums
--> in the end what we remember is the medium, not the content in it

• Welcome to Airspace / MonoCulture - Kyle Chayka:
--> monoculture of the algorithm vs. of content
--> coffee shops all look the same (instagram)
--> spotify = same songs to everyone who listens to same type of music = hard to find stuff (?)

• The Garden of Forking Memes - Aaron Z. Lewis:
--> you can find proof for any belief/narrative/”history” that you want on the Internet
--> forgetting is a feature not a bug
--> losing shared histories & futures

• Surveillance Capitalism - Shoshanna Zuboff:
--> “sharing is caring” “secrets are lies” “privacy is theft”
--> certainty replaces trust/social contracts (the uncontract)

• How to Do Nothing - Jenny Odell:
--> doing nothing = leaving space for original thought without external influence (going to a garden)
--> the importance of non-commercial public spaces (what is the equivalent on the Internet?)
--> sensitivity vs. connectivity in our systems

• Home Screens - Drew Austin:
--> being so much online/in digital spaces warps our sense of physical space, where we are “meant to be” grounded
--> the Internet doesn’t give you what real life gives you (zoom fatigue)
--> BUT this type of lifestyle = good for big tech

• Digital Cities vs. Analog Cities - L. M. Sacasas:
--> people want to be managed now not governed
--> fact checking is an “analog solution” to a “digital problem” (doesn’t really solve anything for people who “live” online/get all their info there)

informal sum-up
Annika Dhawan