Every Day Documentation

Using your final project research as a starting point you will pick one subject to document daily for the next 3 weeks. Subjects can range from vernacular typography, to a vase, a chair, etc – they just need to show a relationship to your current research.

You can use any medium/format to document – photograph, image making, sound, type, illustration, etc. but must choose only one to use throughout.

For example, if your subject is vernacular typography, your method of documentation could be photography or illustrating found lettering.

Keep in mind:

This is meant to be generative and could potentially serve as 'raw material' for your project. Choose something to document that has a strong relationship to your research interests.

Your time. Pick a method of documentation that is managaeble – it fits in with your schedule and can maintain over a period of 3 weeks.

Variety & Cohesiveness. Each piece of documentation must register some type of change. This could be time based, content based, form based, etc. They should all be formally similar

No images from the internet unless they have been manipulated in some way.

Stay away from tropes and clichés. Selfies, pictures of sunsets, meals you have eaten, etc.

Every Day Documentation Brief
Neil Doshi