Image: "frecklebasket.jpg" from ENVELOPING BRITANNICA series


out_4_pizza is a project by Laura Brothers. Read an interview with the artist here: http://rhizome.org/editorial/2011/aug/22/artist-profile-laura-brothers/

"As for glitch aesthetics, honestly, I never really thought I was venturing into that area. Though, I can see how it might be related to some of my drawings. I think of glitch work to be something that is glorifying malfunction. It’s taking a mistake that reveals the apparatus and embracing it. That, I can get on board with. I consciously attempt to often leave my drawings in a crude state, revealing the inadequacy of the computer’s representation. I like the tension that is created when something so simple, systematic and orderly (a grid of pixels) can still bend to feign a depiction of something complex, organic and chaotic."

Jordan's Dead Account

Source: frecklebasket.jpg