Kenkichi SugimotoKenkichi Sugimoto
Kenkichi Sugimoto

Golden Years (Retirement) in the Summer (Nagoya Rail Agency, 1930s).

This beautiful airbrushed image is a poster issued by Japan's national railway, in this instance the Osaka and Nagoya Rail Agency, during the early to mid 1930s. These posters were created for domestic use only to promote travel within Japan to various national parks, hot spring resorts and other notable destinations. The artwork for the poster was created by Kenkichi Sugimoto (1905-2004) whose work was mostly focused on the Nagoya area, the subject of many of the Japanese travel posters offered in this auction. This example states; Discount on auto (bus) travel during July and October and other discounts also offered. Auto (bus) prices from this station xxx Yen xxx Sen.

Beth Blackford