Deep Script 2

A neural network that can generate fonts in a consistent style. It trained on 1024 different fonts. The goal of this project is to explore new ways of finding interesting shapes and forms assisted by modern technology. All the fonts used on this page are coming directly from the network and the kerning was not adjusted. Below you can download the font files to play around with them.

Further things I want to explore with generative font technologies is the possibility of merging different scripts. For example the arabic and the latin alphabet. Another idea would be to create a network that can react to a users input. So the font could go from happy to sad, or it could adjust its shape to increase reading speed. It would also be nice to create some sort of style-transfer from other 2d assets to the generated fonts. In that case a font could be generated from a brands logo or something crazier like the shapes in the skyline of a city.

Cover image edited on 12/14/20