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Case Study
The keyboard smash remains an apt summary of fandom.
Tiger Dingsun
Notes on Blocks
In Defense of Forgetting
Reframing forgetting as healing, purposeful, and even eudaemonic.
Jo Suk
Case Study
The PLEASURE of Handmade Fashion
Purpose, Longevity, Ethics, Asymmetry, Style, Utility, Refashion, Empowerment...
Tiana Dueck
Notes on Blocks
Make Me Your Manifesto
An investigation into the ever-evolving form.
Natalee Ranii-Dropcho
Hello World
Introducing the Annual 2023
This year’s Annual, themed “service,” is now available.
Meg Miller
Hello World
On Pricing
On upcoming changes to premium memberships
Charles Broskoski
Hello World
(Gift) Shop Talk
A conversation introducing the Gift Shop and our first product, How to Pass Time Inside This Room
Laurel Schwulst, Charles Broskoski, and Meg Miller
Case Study
Where Boundary Breaks
Finding the fractures in game worlds offer a new perspective.
Travess Smalley
Notes on Blocks
On Sonder
We're made of the same stuff.
Alex Tan
Case Study
Of All Their Possible Variations
How I learned to stop worrying and love the primordial ooze.
​Agnes Cameron
Notes on Blocks
On Connection
What kinds of vulnerability do platforms encourage, and what kinds of expression do they limit?
Leslie Liu
Case Study
On Object Freedom
“How are we going to build it if we don’t imagine it?”
Evelyn Bi
It Became A Ritual 
“I wanted us to leave something every day—it didn’t matter what it was.”
Njari Dimario Anderson and Ariel Dong
Notes on Blocks
Welcome to My Thousand Funerals
“To love someone long-term is to attend a thousand funerals of the people they used to be.”
Miaoye Que
Case Study
Chop and Screw Everything
If you choose another way, if you reject the clock, time will flow again.
Roque Strew
Notes on Blocks
On Listening to the Void
All of life’s greatest truths are wrapped in mystery.
Alice Otieno
Hello World
Open call for Pitches for the 2023 Annual
Submissions should take their root in a channel and fall loosely under the theme “service.”
Meg Miller
Notes on Blocks
On Earth We Are Briefly Tender
A consistent space of refuge, a window into an elsewhere.
Karl Rivera
Notes on Blocks
I learnt colour but did not understand it
On exploring color through as many tinted lenses as possible.
Tess Murdoch
Case Study
On Community Memory
In the ’70s and ’80s, the Community Memory Project explored how an information portal could be a shared experience.
Mike Tully
Case Study
Notes on “Taste”
Jottings on an elusive term.
Brie Wolfson
Notes on Blocks
On Rejecting Narrative Identity
To be “against” narrative identity is to recognize that we’re unreliable narrators.
Nico Chilla
Notes on Blocks
On the Aesthetics of Progress
And the potential of a society organized around awe.
Molly Mielke
Case Study
Poetry’s So Common Hardly Anyone Can Find It
More than a literary form, Poetry is the essence of inner feelings and thoughts as they relate to the external world.
Case Study
Portals to Elsewhere 
Surfline provides live photo or webcam video feeds of surf breaks around the world.
Lukas WinklerPrins
Notes on Blocks
On Food Ontologies
And the different ways to organize and understand cooking and food.
Agnes Cameron
Hello World
Introducing the Annual 2022
This year’s Annual, themed "portal," is now available.
Meg Miller
Case Study
Tongue of the Computer
On Kamau Brathwaite’s Sycorax video style, the poet’s attempt “to put on the page what sound looked like.”
Bryce Wilner
Notes on Blocks
On Abolitionist Teaching Dreamscapes
And the artist’s role in building a world where we are all supported in our right to live joyously
Sienna Kwami
Notes on Blocks
On Making Sense of TikTok
And the ways the app parallels a kind of religious experience.
Maya Man
Case Study
On Complexity
The search for fissures in systems and networks, towards parts-to-whole relations with ecological and biophysical processes.
Casey Tang
Case Study
The Art of Tending to Oneself
Piecing together a framework for reflection from various practices, quotes, and ways of thinking.
Alice Otieno
Notes on Blocks
On Worlding
And lists, collections, diagrams, and configurations of discrete items that imply vast, continuous worlds.
Tiger Dingsun
Hello World
On Motivation
A meditation on what keeps us going, on the occasion of’s 10th anniversary.
Charles Broskoski
Notes on Blocks
On Chess
Exploring the correlation between sports and art through an African American, abstract, playful, creative, tech, stylish, and instinctual perspective.
Ephraim Johnson
Case Study
What Do People Do All Day?
On how things are made, who gets to make them, and how labor and time gets leveraged.
Michael Bell-Smith
Case Study
Limitlessness and Limitations: Defining Dark Matters
An assemblage of knowledge established within our mutual histories
American Artist and Zainab Aliyu
Case Study
Who Cares?
As long as computers are built to be in service of, the limits of their intelligence will always be the limits of their suzerain.
Emma Rae Bruml Norton
Hello World
Open call for Pitches for the 2022 Annual
Submissions should take their root in an channel and fall loosely under the theme “portal.”
Meg Miller
Case Study
Tenderness Shares A Root With Attention
How have tending and attention changed over time and across contexts, and what might that evolution teach us? 
Juliana Castro
Notes on Blocks
On Mental Maps
"By cataloguing media relative to my fears, desires, and stresses, I’m able to trace my evolving reality." 
Cedric Payne
Notes on Blocks
On Surface Duetting Space
An ongoing exploration on how surfaces interact with the spaces they inhabit.
Rohan Chaurasia
Notes on Blocks
On Fugue
Loops, cycles, knots, revolutions, and the development of a new game called Fugue.
Francis Tseng
Notes on Blocks
On Practice (In Theory)
“Some of the blocks are like bookmarks for lines of research that I want to delve more deeply into.”
Dodi King
Webs of Care
Ingrid Raphael talks with Rae Dand and Onelson Nicholas about how care is activated when our needs are met
Ingrid Raphael
Case Study
Place Holder
Ecology is a weird compass, and through attendance, we can learn to use it.
Austin Wade Smith
Case Study
Measuring the Internet as a Gesture of Tending (Towards)
“How are you? No really, how are you?”
Lai Yi Ohlsen
Khorasan Dreamscapes 
On Afghan diaspora communities, film representation, and the practice of collectively cataloguing knowledge as it expands
Rona Akbari and Weeda Azim
Notes on Blocks
On Engulfment and Escapism
Exploring the distinction between a life of occurrences versus a life lived and savored.
Emily Nabnian
Notes on Blocks
On Indexing
“By walking the same route around my apartment everyday, I was in a choreography of noticing and collecting.”
Ritu Ghiya
Case Study
On Memory Palaces & Visual Computation
And using an ancient mnemonic device as an organizational tactic for storing and archiving information online.
Taulant Sulko
Notes on Blocks
On Worldbuilding
Creating a future from the intersection of Blackness, rest, and technology in our past and present.
Kai Jenrette
Holding Hands
On meeting online, dating during a pandemic, and growing an internet garden together—an love story
Lily Nguyen and Fiona Carty
Case Study
A Place for Relating to Water
Examining the desire to recreate controllable environments that fit within our own scales and bounds.
Lucy Siyao Liu
Case Study
Southern Electronics and Grassroots Technologies 
Black people are the dependent variable in the progression of civilization, not a function of it.
R.C. Clarke
Hello World
Introducing the Second Annual
The Annual Too, themed “tend,” is now available.
Meg Miller
Tools for Cultural Production: Archiving Voice, Culture, and Community
Omar Mohammad, Shiraz Gallab, Florence Fu, and Darin Buzon on self-preservation
Omar Mohammad
Notes on Blocks
On Karen Blixen’s Flowers
The famous Danish author was also a talented, intuitive, somewhat unhinged arranger of flowers.
Meg Miller
Case Study
Hyperland, Intermedia, and the Web That Never Was
Before the Internet, hypermedia projects explored open frameworks for moving through a body of knowledge
Claire L. Evans
Notes on Blocks
On The Many Copies of the Orchid Pavilion Preface
A centuries-old obsession with a single artwork made in a single moment.
William Pan
Notes on Blocks
On Tables
Tables are both infrastructure for and signifiers of our social relations and interactions.
Clemens Jahn
Case Study
Onion and Rocks
On two webzine anthologies and publishing an “oral history of the internet.”
Laurel Schwulst
Hello World
Open call for Pitches for the Second Annual
Submissions for essays and interviews should take their root in an channel and fall loosely under the theme “tend.”
Meg Miller
Teaching the Internet in the time of COVID-19
On new approaches to time, attention, tools, and teaching amid a global pandemic.
Rosa McElheny and Simone Cutri
Code Societies, A Speculative Oral History: On Spirituality and Fellowship
Andreas Jonathan, Eliseo Rivera, and Tina Nguyen talk about relationships as technology and finding spirituality and fellowship apart from dogma.
Neta Bomani
Code Societies, A Speculative Oral History: The Cybernetics of Reproduction
Code Societies’ Melanie Hoff talks with doula and childbirth educator Elizabeth Perez on the subject of the cybernetics of race/ism and sex/ism
Neta Bomani
Case Study
When It Changed Part 2: The Continued Corporatization of the Web
Fifty years after Vermont's billboard ban, Facebook’s ad strategies prove a threat to American democracy. How did we get here?
Eric Li
Case Study
When It Changed Part 1: Before the Billboard Ban
In the summer of 1968, Vermont was about to publish a statewide billboard ban, courtesy of environmentalist and eccentric Republican Theodor Riehle.
David Reinfurt
Case Study
When It Changed Part 3: An Ambient Aftermath
What if software wasn’t designed to capture attention, but instead to promote presence?
David Reinfurt and Eric Li
Scene Report
The First Computer Mouse Conference
Dedicated to an object that’s ubiquitous yet already nostalgic, the conference held equal space for history, futurity, and somewhere-else’s.
Shea Fitzpatrick
Case Study
Reimagining Privacy Online Through A Spectrum of Intimacy
Designing for better channels of intimacy is as important for privacy protection as security protocols
Caroline Sinders and Hyphen-Labs
Hello World
Building together
We're committing to being supported entirely by the community we serve.
Charles Broskoski
Unlearning hierarchy at the Free School of Architecture
How a self-organized summer school is reorienting design education
Elisha Cohen, Lili Carr, Karina Andreeva and Tessa Forde
Scene Report
Workshop Debrief: How to Use the Internet Mindfully
Lessons from our workshop with The Creative Independent on building a healthy relationship with the web
Leo Shaw
Case Study
The Internet’s Back-to-the-Land Movement
In the 1970s, an analysis of Earth’s finite resources coincided with hundreds of thousands of Americans going off-grid. As we begin to see the limits to online growth, what’s the digital equivalent?
Becca Abbe
On Flying, Talismanic Tarmacs, and Soul Delay
An unchronological search for the soul through time.
Meg Miller
On Forest Knowledge and Living, Growing Thoughts
A walk through reveals the tangled assemblages connecting human and non-human life
Leo Shaw
Toph Tucker and Jasmine Lee on Why Restaurant Websites Are Good and We’re All Going to Miss Them
And how labor often gets left out of the discussion around nostalgia for the old web.
Meg Miller and Laurel Schwulst
Hello World
Thinking Together
Announcing the new version of groups
1/8/2019 team
Knots, Knits, and Tangles
From survival guides to string stories to quipu, every knot is a set of instructions crystallized.
Leo Shaw
Scene Report
Printing at Screen Spaces
Collecting, archiving, and printing a body of research for this week's multi-site exhibition on video culture in NYC.
Ha Duong, Julia Panek, and Lucy Chinen
Scene Report
The North Face
Cory Arcangel on pragmatic Norwegian music festivals, our "always on" economy, and EDM stars as the ultimate just-in-time, carbon-guzzling cog.
Cory Arcangel
Andrew Beccone of Reanimation Library
An interview with Andrew Beccone on the generative potential of libraries and facilitation as art.
Meg Miller
Hello World
How do you use the internet mindfully?
An introduction to our book with The Creative Independent
Leo Shaw
Through the Years
A collection of notable years, frozen in digital amber
Leo Shaw
Notations & Scores
A collection of channels on systems of notation in performance and visual art
Leo Shaw
State of the Internet
The Primary Task of the Tokenizer
Shiraz Gallab argues that tokenism is determined from an external condition, and it’s time we shift our gaze to the tokenizer rather than the token.
Shiraz Gallab
Case Study
A Parade at the End of the World
Nate Pyper on the parade as an 'other' space of sociality, perpetually in motion
Nate Pyper
Case Study
Radical Digital Painting & Political Rock - 100% Næstekærligheds Tek Radio
A guest podcast, brought directly to your ears by artist Jeffrey Alan Scudder and the refugee organization and techno rock band GP&PLS
Jeffrey Alan Scudder
Before Emoji
A collection of channels on the origins of digital pictograms
Leo Shaw
Learning In and Out of School
DISPATCH Learning In and Out of School A collection of resources on learning, pedagogy, and cooperative education.
Leo Shaw
Case Study
The Global Village Coffeehouse Aesthetic
Woodcuts, tribal imagery, suns, curvy figures, aroma swirls, and earth tones: Evan Collins defines the look of the 90s
Evan Collins
The Spaces between Species
A collection of channels feeling out our relationships with non-human beings
Leo Shaw
Scene Report
Decentralized Web Summit 2018
On the ground at the second Internet Archive summit for preserving the open web
Jon-Kyle Mohr
Cortney Cassidy of 'Homes'
A collection of screenshots from Instagram Stories documenting the interiors of people's homes.
Meg Miller and Laurel Schwulst
Case Study
Imagining the Internet: Explaining our Digital Transition
The founder of the Internet Archive surveys the metaphors and images artists have used to understand the Internet and its short history.
Brewster Kahle
Ida C. Benedetto: “What Is An Archive For?”
Expanding on Benedetto's talk at SYPartners on archival practice and knowledge management.
Leo Shaw
Reading Lists
Ways of seeing belong not just to individuals but to fields and subcultures. The best way to understand the state of a discipline can be to pay attention to what...
Graham Johnson
Case Study
A Personal Philosophy of Shared Knowledge
The Creative Independent's Willa Köerner writes about how to thoughtfully and responsibly illuminate private knowledge-building in a public space
Willa Köerner
Case Study
Molly Lehmann and Jeremy Klemundt of Showdown
On putting together their annual cooking competition house party in Queens, NY
Meg Miller, Laurel Schwulst, and Becca Abbe