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“We are now in the year 2000. The entire world seems to be moving towards wirelessness. Will the personal computer and laptop computer become obsolete technology? Will we all be able to interface with a giant super computer such as ‘The Beast’ in Belgium by way of micro-electronic handheld technology? This is an interesting concept to seriously consider. Will we all have the ability to access and process information by mobile telephones or some type of miniature handheld technology? This will become a possibility. Software and computer companies all over the planet are investigating and researching the possibilities and applications of wireless information technology. Asia and Europe at this time are at the forefront in the race for wireless information exchange. North and South American companies are working fanatically to play catch-up in the world of wireless information networks. NTT DoCoMo, the innovators of the I-Mode cellular telephone, who have approximately 13 million Japanese linked to the information superhighway, are in the leadership position for this type pf technology. People can now transmit electronic mail, check financial activity and browse the internet through their mobile cell phones but this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as possibilities are concerned. Imagine one day of having the ability to accomplish all your daily tasks anywhere and at anytime without having to be at a particular location to achieve a certain task. In today’s fast paced society people want unlimited flexibility and mobility, this is now mandatory for virtually every aspect of human progress. Almost everyone possess a cellular telephone and the subscription number is expanding exponentially. One day we will all be wireless and this is a fact. One day we will be able to do almost everything by remote control with a multiple array of digital handheld devices. What will the implications be for humanity? Who will benefit and who will suffer? These are the important questions that we as a society must seriously ask ourselves. We are all atomic and subatomic particles and we are all wireless.“ – Arpanet
Arpanet is an electro music project by Gerald Donald. You can learn about his album Wireless Internet here. Blog
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