In The Companion Species Manifesto, the philosopher Donna Haraway writes, “Species is about biological kind, and scientific expertise is necessary to that kind of reality. Post-cyborg, what counts as biological kind troubles previous categories of organism. The machinic and the textual are internal to the organic and vice versa…”

How we look at our relationships with other species has shifted even further since the Manifesto was published in 2003. The effects of climate change have undermined our human self-image as stewards of the natural world. The viral culture of social networks has elevated animal rights movements. “Nature” is more difficult to describe than ever, as the line between physical and virtual experiences fades.

The following channels feel out the spaces between species in the context of an accelerating world.

Roberto Greco / Multispecies

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Antonia Hernandez / companion species

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Jenny Xing / Biomimicry and its philosophical implication

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David Hilmer Rex / Learning and living with (radically different) selves - Being naive & using experienced bodies

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Gabe Wexler / Nonhuman friends and anchors

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