Exercise 3
Drawing, Assisted

What constitutes as assisted drawing? What types of devices are created for expanding drawing categories? How can these devices acquire character, agency and become co-producers/authors?

For this exercise, create a physical assist for a drawing. Existing drawing tools can be referenced - for example, a standard ruler, a compass, a dual-axis plotter, a printer, can be copied/borrowed, but the standard tool itself cannot participate in your drawing. If you need a measuring device, or hard edge, you would need to construct your own. Objects that are not traditionally considered as drawing tools may be incorporated as a tool, such as a motorbike or a chair; however, try to build as many parts as possible from scratch, isolate the most essential parts that are required to produce the drawing. Consider duration, material, reproducibility of your process, and how the device is altering/enabling your engagement with a surface. We have been discussing and experimenting with various methods of software assistance, consider how these processes translate into a physical assist.

Additional references from drawing_assisted and drawing_devices.

Email me for specific material requests or technical assistance (I would not count as a physical assist but other humans may...)

Please bring in your completed drawing device and corresponding documentation material to class on Wednesday, November 1, 2017.

Exercise 3 - Drawing, Assisted