Dear Congressman Larsen,

I am a 24 year-old Admissions Counselor at Western Washington University and I am writing to encourage you to support the Green New Deal.

Each day, I meet with students from across the nation who are inspired to move to our district because of its leadership in environmental sustainability and justice. They are motivated to help others and fight against the greatest existential threat of our time. Some of them have already experienced the effects of climate change first-hand: Alaska Natives who have seen their traditional fisheries depleted, Californians whose communities have burned, and Puerto Ricans recovering from the trauma of earthquakes and hurricanes. These students come here because they want to learn how to take bold steps to strengthen their communities and confront the underlying causes of the climate crisis. I am moved by their determination and creativity when facing the challenges of this issue.

Our district must continue to be a leader in this fight. We must treat our climate situation with the urgency it deserves; the urgency that these students and many others are already embracing. I voted for you in the last election and appreciate many of the steps you have taken in regards to the environment. However, I hope that you will reconsider your position on the Green New Deal and see it as an opportunity to reframe the economic and environmental possibilities for our region. I understand your hesitation, especially considering the presence of Boeing in our district. Nevertheless, I strongly believe your leadership can cultivate an equitable transition for the local economy and the workers who are understandably apprehensive about what a decarbonized future means for them. Please use your power to contribute to the development of the Green New Deal and join the other 98 representatives standing up for a transformative path forward.
I am grateful for your time and consideration.


Jacob Joens-Poulton

Larsen Letter