What are the ergonomics of Wikipedia?

How is Wikipedia love letter?

In what ways is Wikipedia like geological / sedimentary layers? Articles as grass, citations and sources as bedrock or granite.

Look through your text messages, find a topic that might resonate with a loved one. Call them on the phone and read them the first paragraph of a relevant article

Take a moment to reflect on and name what emotion you are feeling right now. Go to the article associated with that emotion

Read the article on the 'Scratch reflex' and note how many times you feel the urge to itch or scratch your skin while reading

Take a walk and note 1-5 things that you hear, smell or see on your walk. Try learning one new fact about something you encountered on your walk.

Go outside to observe the weather, when you come back inside read an article about the place where you are right now

Start a timer, find a small correction or addition to make to Wikipedia. Make your contribution and then stop the timer

Read an article related to sleeping, dreaming or rest while laying down

At your next meal, read an article related to what you are eating while you are eating it

Open an article of your choice. Tap your finger at each syllable that you read

Memorize a sentence from the article on 'Memorization'

On your birthday, contribute to an article about a historical event that happened on the date you were born

Read the article 'Moon' by the light of a full moon

Sing a paragraph of the 'Singing' article out loud

Go to an article related to care work, maintenance, upkeep or other related tasks. Pick an edit from the Revision history page and say 'Thank you' out loud as you tap the 'Thank' link to thank an editor for their work

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