Picture Room (NYC) is looking for an Assistant to the Director 2-3 days per week. Details below. LMK if you know anyone ([email protected])

Role includes:
- Shipping Picture Room Web Orders (usually 2-5 a week)
- Following up on Web Orders or In Store orders, making sure things that are framed are shipped in a timely manner
- Coordinating with the framer
- Gathering research and looking for new artworks based on briefs from Sandeep
- Helping put together client decks in InDesign
- Corresponding with artists for Special Projects
- Taking artwork to printers, picking up proofs, and assisting with the coordination of print editions (we have several in the works right now)
- Using Photoshop to edit artwork images into frames when necessary
- Handling Appointments if Sandeep is unavailable
- Coming along to site visits
- Assisting Sandeep with Installations when necessary
- Occasionally assisting with the logistics of Salter House production (eg, Daydress label)