brief statement on v3 of the TEACHABLE FILE, conceived and developed with

December 7 2013
New York

tTF has always favored a simple structure. tTF is more impressive in its weight than its complexity. tTF is finding it awkward to separate the forms it is looking at: the school, program, course, curriculum, publication, list, guide, essay.

tTF previously referred to Programs and Resources; it is now thinking around just one organizational principle: the Path.

Like a file path leads a user to a file, so do courses, programs and schools lead us to knowledge.’s underlying API could be described as lists of lists, an ever-referential organizational space; tTF is similarly a space of paths.’s admirable anti-hierarchical structure, universal modularity and ease-of-use would require major overhauls to the platform for it to behave like a full consumer database system — which was not within the scope of this collaboration. Instead, tTF learned from’s amorphousness (at the cost of more granular sorting) and has developed a custom dropbox tool to ease editing. The resulting platform is mutable, so that the structure may reflect the paths of our curiosity.


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