I watched a video on Mike Tyson’s “Hot Boxing with Mike Tyson” podcast and on it he recalls his trainer coaching him on the subject of Self Preservation. From that Mike recalls sinking into a dark mentality of, “fuck you, and everyone if it means I won’t win.” Which isn’t a nice thing to do but historically it’s how the greats succeed. Later in the video, Mike explains on what a lonely place he was in when he was winning.

In this process of me manifesting my dreams, I am now discovering the toll, hurt and confusing there is in maintaining that manifestation. In this process, there is no one that has the angle, love and understanding of my process other than myself. especially in the beginning stages. In 2019, I was blessed enough to surround myself around two men that not only shared the same values for me but actually looked out for me. Since, they have bloomed closer to their manifestation, and I love to see it cause when you connect with like minded people, all you would like to see is them win.

Me, I am living out my process. trying everyday to make myself more and more prepared for my blessings. I know I don’t understand shit about life, but what I do know is trials do not make the man. Its what that man does during those trials that define him.

My message, is to focus on maintaining your manifestation. Yes, life will constantly remind you that you are mortal, you are in a process and not a fast track, that everyone does not share your same moral, and that this life can simply be fucked up. Nevertheless, I want you to rememeber that you are more than all of this; that you are a conqueror, the head and not the tail, and that you serve an awesome God. This process was made not to break you, but’s to come.