Here one may ask, perhaps, why it is so desirable that a man should be individuated. Not only is it desirable, it is absolutely
indispensable because, through his contamination with others, he
falls into situations and commits actions which bring him into
disharmony with himself. From all states of unconscious contam-
ination and non-differentiation there is begotten a compulsion to be
and to act in a way contrary to one’s own nature.
Accordingly a man
can neither be at one with himself nor accept responsibility for him-
self. He feels himself to be in a degrading, unfree, unethical condi-
tion. But the disharmony with himself is precisely the neurotic and
intolerable condition from which he seeks to be delivered, and deliv-
erance from this condition will come only when he can be and act as
he feels is conformable with his true self. People have a feeling for
these things, dim and uncertain at first, but growing ever stronger
and clearer with progressive development. When a man can say of
his states and actions, ‘As I am, so I act,’ he can be at one with him-
self, even though it be difficult, and he can accept responsibility for
himself even though he struggle against it.
We must recognize that
nothing is more difficult to bear with than oneself. (‘You sought the
heaviest burden, and found yourself,’ says Nietzsche.) Yet even this
most difficult of achievements becomes possible if we can distin-
guish ourselves from the unconscious contents. The introvert dis-
covers these contents in himself, the extravert finds them projected
upon human objects.
In both cases the unconscious contents are the
cause of blinding illusions which falsify ourselves and our relations
to our fellow men, making both unreal. For these reasons individ-
uation is indispensable for certain people, not only as a therapeutic
necessity, but as a high ideal, an idea of the best we can do. Nor
should I omit to remark that it is at the same time the primitive Chris-
tian ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven which ‘is within you.’ The idea at
the bottom of this ideal is that right action comes from right think-
ing, and that there is no cure and no improving of the world that
does not begin with the individual himself. To put the matter drasti-
cally: the man who is a pauper or parasite will never solve the social


-Remember to Hydrate
-Take A Deep Breath
-Name What is Present
-Remember the Humanity of All
-Seek Empathy
-Offer Empathy
-Notice Sources of Support
-Give Yourself a Hug
-Practice Grounding Skills
-Get To Know Your Nervous System
-Honor Your Nervous System
-If A Grounding Tool Isn't Working, Let It Go
-Seek Support
-Only Use Resources That Work For You
-Honor Your Choice
-Honor Your Capacity
-Undo Perfectionism

-Don't Go It Alone
-Actively Ground Into the Present
-Take A Break
-Remember To Laugh
-When Overwhelmed, Have A Plan
-Take Space
-Practice Grounding Before Stressful Situations
- Grounding That Works for Others Doesn’t Have to Work For You
-Normalize Your Nervous System Responses
-Love Yourself

-Work On Self Acceptance
-Create A Safety Statement To Ground Yourself
-Use Humor
-Use A Grounding Quote
-Breathe Into Your Belly
- Breathe In For 2 Seconds, Breath Out for 4 Seconds
-Brush Your Left Hand Down the Length Of Your Right Arm- Then Switch
-Name Qualities of the Most Relaxed Place In Your Body
-Picture Grounding People In Your Life
-Picture Grounding Places
-Name Qualities Your Senses Notice Outside Yourself
-Imagine A Favorite Food, Pet or Season
-Drink Cool Water
-Ground Your Soles Of Your Feet Into the Earth
-Recite A Prayer or Poem
-Carry A Touchstone Object
-Stretch Your Body
-Bilateral Stimulation (Alternate Tapping Opposite Sides of Knees or Collarbone)
-Hum or Sing
-Breathe In Compassion, Breathe Out Compassion
- Build A Support Pod
- Have Something Light and Fun To Land On
- Get Into Nature To Decompress
- Listen To The Sound Of A Bell Or Gong That Soothes You
- Bounce Or throw A Ball While Focusing On Your Breath
- Feel Into Your Body And Release A Sound That Matches That Feeling
- Tap, Pat, and/or Squeeze Your Body To Locate Yourself
- Parasympathetic Nervous System Stimulation: Stand Feet Forward... Twist Your Head To The Right, Then Let Your Hips Follow... Repeat To the Left.. Then Look Up (Slack Jawed)...Then Let Your Head Hang... Then Back To Center