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Design / Quotes

  • by Chad Mazzola
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“The antithesis of beauty is not ugliness, it is carelessness,” he opines. “It is true of everywhere in the world, the stuff that is ugly is normally never the stuff that someone wanted to make ugly, it is always the stuff that someone didn’t give a shit about. And so we actually enjoy particularly ugly things. They can be fantastic. But I think when we really talk about beauty, we talk about formal intent. So we can even include the ugly. It is never about minimalism or baroque, its always about the ultimate decision – was it done with love and care or did nobody give a shit? The ‘nobody gave a shit’ world is huge…”

Beauty through Stephan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh on It's Nice That
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“It is understandable that design wants a seat at the table in corporate decision-making. But designers need to find ways to provide value to clients without devaluing themselves. If we believe in the value of design for business, we need to be honest about the complexity, creativity, and uncertainty involved in great design. This means not cheapening design by reducing it to a mechanical process. It means casting a critical eye on ‘the research.’ It means accepting that the most important information is not always quantifiable.”

— Ben Mcallister

Ben Mcallister
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“…a personable diplomat who is equally at home in a high-level conference with the president and in a technical discussion with the operator of an eight-thousand-ton press.”

— Henry Dreyfuss, in Designing for People, describing some of the qualities a designer should possess.

Henry Dreyfuss
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“[Wabi-sabi] nurtures all that is authentic by acknowledging three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.”

— Richard R. Powell, Wabi Sabi Simple

Richard R. Powell
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