Jonny Miller

I have a hunch that there's a nervous system capacity piece at play in those who are able to follow their pathless path... It's far more challenging to deliberately take on more uncertainty when you don't already feel regulated & at home in your own body.

Could be v. interesting to explore this, my sense is there's a 2x2 with embodied/disassociated & feels safe/unsafe. My guess is you'd be in the top left quadrant.

I hear you, and there are some folks out there who have created their own niches such that there is no competition. If you can be fully yourself and your work can be an expression of this, that's the escape hatch. And I realise that this is a lofty goal. Reminds me of something… Show more

Thanks for sharing Jessica, and kudos for doing the deep inner digging to get to that point

our creative histories are oddly intertwined ;)

love this, and perhaps seeing a parallel spectrum of how much compassion someone can hold...

totally! yes this is a form of pseudo-safety... just as many learn that in order to remain safe, they need to be hyper-vigilant at all times. It runs deep

curious to hear @p_millerd's thoughts on this... My two cents, our first 7 years of life dictates a lot of our deep wiring, I think one interesting angle is to explore through the lens of attachment strategies. My guess is that those who lean towards… Show more

12:40 AM · Jun 5, 2023