Michael Ashcroft

I’ve been taking some temporary distance from Twitter, and whenever I have a look I’m struck by the sheer quantity of opinions so many injections of other people’s assumptions and beliefs into my psyche and so many prods to have developed opinions on things I know nothing about

you need really sophisticated psychic defences, unfixate-able patterns of thinking and a clear sense of who you are when navigating these waters less you find yourself led somewhere you didn’t want to be and without knowing how or even that you got there

^ is an opinion

Great move. This was one of the very first things I did when taking time off. Turn the volume wayyyyy down.Next time you scroll through your timeline, imagine every tweet is someone speaking directly into your ears. Could you possibly keep track of so many voices all at once?
– Daemonic

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11:06 AM · May 8, 2023