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while i was deep in grief, i was researching brain waves & one thing i learned is that during severe depression/grief, we experience theta waves (which usually occur only before deep sleep) while we are awake. we literally sleepwalk through life due to sadness. just wild.

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anyway there is plenty to read about this, and it's complex, so here are a bunch of the things i was reading:……………………

that makes a lot of sense of my year.
– Allison in Brexitland

it made a lot click into place for me too

I have years of memory loss after my big loss - is that related?
– sarah radz

absolutely - if your brain is overwhelmed with managing grief, it has less capacity to remember anything. i genuinely do not remember much in the two years after my dad died suddenly.

This checks out with my experience. I remember so little from the years after I lost my daughter. In many ways it was like I wasn't living the life. On autopilot.
– Julia

losing a child is this way. Interesting how they can view the waves of the brain to actually see deep grief.
– Debbie ᑳᑫᓯᒧᑐᑕᐁ

Oh yeah. This shit sucked. It’s like on auto pilot but with anxiety and wanting to cry
– Julio

Our brain does a whole lot to protect us during those times.
– rion amilcar scott

– StateOfKate

Wow. This explains why I recently realized I can't remember anything from the month after my dad unexpectedly died last year. I think I went to work? I mean, I know I did...I just don't remember even existing.
– Amy Zlatic

I have definitely experienced this.
– Kathleen Maris Paltrineri

This feels true to my experience and what I’ve heard others say. It is a good survival tool. I wish our culture had a universal way to signal when someone is in mourning. I believe we would all benefit.
– Call me Crassanda.

Yes, I remember learning that our grief-brain is akin to experiencing a traumatic brain injury.
– Amanda Leigh Lichtenstein

2:54 PM · May 6, 2023

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