Incorporating a feature that allows users to update/change the file or format of blocks that they made at any time, while allowing outside parties to view the different version(s) within a history dialog box. For instance, Google Drive offers users a similar feature when viewing activity or upload history for respective folders or files, allowing one to see the most recent version versus previous records within a sidebar displaying activity and history. Additionally, the feature could include the option of deleting a block's content altogether.

If a user wanted to change a text block into a link block, or a file that they want to upload and share–this might allow for less quantity of blocks, and more of a way to document how ideas change over time within a single window of information.

If the content of a block is updated in form or with a different file—it might be useful to offer users the option to customize the block as it relates to their channel. A user would be notified of any updates made, and given the option view it.

If the intention for blocks is to let the user release a balloon into the sky, watching it float away into the clouds on its own—then clarity around this feature could prove to be advantageous when observing the user generated content patterns, in particular when considering the future of as a platform for sharing flexible, digital moments in time.

While in theory it could introduce new personalized channel curation and user to user connection, I can see how this might also compromise the simplicity and integrity (or overarching intention) behind a shared community of information on

From a user's perspective, I still believe that expanding on the intention might offer some clarity.

Within the context of block connection—similar to the profile view feature options, exploring different ways of viewing the connections made of specific blocks outside of rows of channel titles could create more of an incentive for users to generate something new by visualizing the connections in a way that makes it easy to understand.