We are daily touched by the world within which we are embedded, we feel that touch upon us in the thousands of nameless feelings we experience each day. They flit over the surface of our consciousness like shadows across a grassy meadow. In paying attention to them, they come forward into consciousness and begin to reveal their secrets, for each emotion registers the impact of a particular meaning that has touched us. They are transforms of information, of communications, from the world around us. These transforms contain extremely condensed and elegant communications about what we are encountering.


Know that these feelings are encoded communications from the world around you, transforms of messages. But they are not feelings from which you can remain distant. To feel them is to connect with the world around you, to allow your life to interweave with that of the plant and the world in which the plant lives. It is the beginning of an intimacy with life, a mode of living in which you are never alone, in which communications come from the world to you and go out from you to the world. It is a way of being.

At that moment when each thing, each event presents itself again as a psychic reality, then I am held in an enduring intimate conversation with matter. ⚘ James Hillman

You can extend this, deepen it, go even further. Feeling the touch of the plant upon you is only the first step. You can also touch it in return, intend communication with it as well.

⚘ Stephen Harrod Buhner, The Secret Teachings of Plants: The Intelligence of the Heart in the Direct Perception of Nature

to interweave