law is the code in the human societal computer

the courts are the exception handling methods; live breakpoints on a human society

respect the existing code, be as surgical as possible. but don’t be afraid to refactor to fix the root issue

all of economics is experiential; it is rooted in the satisfaction of human needs; it must be denominated in human experience

all of experience is economical; it is traded, decided between, and ultimately derived from capital investment

democracy is the process by which the masses force the programmers to turn their attention to the worst tears in the fabric of experienced reality

fixing the fabric of reality, weaving, lawmaking, is a capital investment, is an infrastructure project

lawmaking a design problem
design is a problem of capital investment
code is privatized law robbed of sovereignty
democracy is the process by which we hold our product managers accountable for what society they build, as well as the process by which we select them on the basis of the society they plan to build. this has stopped being sufficient.

we are deep in technical debt, private interests publish the manuals on the functioning of our communal capital, and they’ve filled them with backdoors, crypto miners have taken root in every parser bug in the system.

though formally restricted at first to provide guarantees, we have built another underspecified buggy lisp in the form of an administrative state; it has brought us a bevy of privilege escalations; we are locked out.

notes on the human computer