The Ambient Cosmology (*Stack)

The Ideal
The Harmonic Ideal, that the ambient design process seeks to attain.

The Strategies
A series of strategies to help you answer the Elemental Questions below, to help you solve your "Harmonic Puzzle" and reach the Harmonic Ideal, above.

The Questions
APD has a series of questions, in lieu of "Principles" (statements) found in most design systems. These elemental questions help sketch out your product's ambient characteristics, and how it interfaces with The Archetypes.

The Archetypes
The Individual, The Environment & The Object are the three archetypes used to study what a person is trying to achieve, how they navigate their environment to achieve it, and how your object can aid in arriving at a positive conclusion.

The Languages
The primary languages of perception: music (time), architecture (space) & physics (light) determine the characteristics of The Archetypes and how they engage with each other.

The Materials
The ambient materials that exist across the universe & reality. The materials of The Individual includes things like "attention" and "curiosity" and "emotions", and the Environment contains forces like gravity & motion.

This is one possible order for the elements of this "stack". APD seeks to be interpreted "rhizomatically", but this illustration is provided as an aid in learning the materials.

Elements of this stack weave through, into, and between each other irrespective of their place in it.

This particular stack was ordered to increase comprehension and is based on around a series of expanding abstractions. These abstractions start with the fundamental, objective "ambient" characteristics of the universe (via physics) and progress down into the subjective human realm of perception, manifested as action via the questions & strategies focused on achieving specific outcomes (in this case, "Harmony").

The Ambient Cosmology