Google Slides Strategies that work with Zoom:

While on a zoom call, have a globally editable Google Slides link!

Helpful affordances of Google Slides:
- No login required
- Everyone is anonymous
- Easy navigation: you can say "let's look at Slide 8" and everyone knows where that is.
- Unstructured content: drawing tools - lines / symbols
- Video / images are easily addable

- Ask everyone to write down ideas -- each idea in one box
- Offer a theme/shared topic of the brainstorming has a goal

Highlighting collective ideas
- After writing, ask people to write “+1” in a box that they liked, then move all of the boxes with many “+1”s together

Group Formations
- Isolate shared topics.. then ask people to put their names/emails in the box if they're interested in talking about it
- Narrow down the boxes to the top 3 for breakout groups
- because the host assigns breakout groups, you have to assign people manually pretty quickly in zoom, so doesn’t work well with groups above, say, 20 ppl
- Alternately, you can give everyone co-host privileges so that they can move in and out of breakout rooms. Do with caution!

Feedback session
- A review where people gave feedback via Google Slides: the work might be displayed, and people roam around the slides for a while and leave comments/feedback.

All of this is really fun and kind of like choreography.. too much structure and you feel like a robotic dancer, too little structure and then everyone’s just moving awkwardly on their own

Google Slides Strategies that work with…