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"a + b", this one line of Python code executes thousands of lines of C behind the scenes. My latest article explains what goes on in the CPython runtime to execute this seemingly simple operation. You will learn about:

  • Dynamic dispatch implementation in CPython

  • What is the…

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The next article in the CPython internals series is ready (pending edits). It stands at 1800 words & 13 annotated code listings. All that just to explain, what goes on when you run a + b in Python.

Coming soon to the subscribers of Confessions of a code Addict (link in bio).

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Dec 7, 2023, 4:53:13 PM

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Folks be like:
1. Spending lacs of rupees
2. Grinding for months and years
3. Running after resources
4. Seeking mentorships

Just to cover these topics. 🫠

This is it! This is pretty much the "syllabus" (as everyone has turned this into exams 🙃).

Some practice on top of…

To everyone bookmarking this. Why?
Should be aware of this from the start, no?
A simple google search would tell you this "syllabus"😂

Nov 9, 2023, 7:59:09 AM

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