Oh please, folks. The people who built Sunrise Highway are concerned with light pollution? And have the temerity to speak of irony? ALL the cats are laughing now. :-D Take down every McDonalds, Wendy's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, car dealership, sodium vapor lamp, parking lot, strip mall and every other disgusting excrescence that was once in the exact same position as these signs are now, uglifying a once lovely place, and THEN I might – MIGHT – listen to a word you say. Bravo, Shinnecock Nation, for no longer being inclined to remain " . . . house cleaners and servants for the rich and famous in this community." Nor should you be. At least not because of your heritage and the colonial powers that marginalized you and clearly wish to keep you where you are. Cleaning and service aren't of themselves dishonorable. But some folks don't want to do these things, and shouldn't have to. Not if they have ambition and drive to do something else. To the bully who suggests that nobody should employ any Shinnecock because these folks no longer want to muck out your bathroom: well, honey, I can smell your sour grapes and unwashed towels from here. By the way I hate billboards and lighted signage (and the rest of the junk culture that proliferates along LI highways.) It's the epitome of trash. But these are different. I actually applaud the leveling of the playing field that these particular signs represent. I hate casinos and gambling, too, but after what my people did to your people when (and since) they arrived here I just don't have quite enough unmitigated gall to try to tell you that you shouldn't do whatever the hell you want on the little land that remains to you.