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Ideology, Form, Content, Context, whatever...

aesthetics «» ideologies

how is form derived from the ooze around it? the milieu around it?

how do ideologies then fit into that?

ideological change happens with each pendulum swing/at each apex

Material developments
contextual breakdown

forms are created by the view the designer has on the materials of/within society (actual materials: new technologies, mew machines, new alloys, whatever; figurative materials: class shifts, etc.?)

when the aesthetic becomes normalized at least part of the avant grade ideology that birthed it is assimilated into "main stream"

we're going to try and talk about how forms and ideologies are connected.

form/context pendulum?

» context is what you choose to see?

Formal Dialectic
Currently accepted forms only work up to a certain point. but as content/context evolve the current;y accepted forms fail to adapt to new meaning? new metaphors?
there are then either new things invented or we rehash an older/different method from the past.

when is ideology left behind in a work/when is just the form but not the ideology copied in a work?

when is a piece of design ideologically bankrupt

what is ideological bankruptcy?

context driven design?
relational design?
situationalist design?

is ideology just style? is style an ideology?

respond to the context; should lead you to some sort of fit (this will have ideology baked in done correctly)

net-modernist works are just responding to form(s)? potentially devoid of intended ideology.

relational design dilemma/diagram?

pendulum/dialectic idea

introducing formal whateverness

where did we come at this from?
KB: sustainability, aligning my forms with my values
DH: get away from context traps?

the way things look does somehow reflect what it stands for, etc.

why do things look totally ideology less?

when does the pendulum swing break/stop working?

have we found the best way to sell things and its all just downhill?

ideologies based on categorical truth

avant grade at the edges might be about the them of materials.

new materials tend to morph contexts which might also result in more ideologies present... these shifting contexts and ideologies lead to avant garde form threw new formal exercises; new methods, etc.?

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