january 12 2021

A sent me photos in the mail from two or three nights before we broke up. printed, real photos, from her friend's instant film camera.

it's jarring to look at.

they say there's only two possibilities: break up or get married.

break up, get married. break up or get married, or get married, then break up.

something like that.

i'd like to think that's bullshit.

textfiles.com is an absolute gem of the internet. thousands of plain text files archived on a server somewhere — mailing lists, jokes, essays, forum posts, you name it. 80s, 90s, early 00s.

every file is a little bit of someone's life. someone drafted, edited, posted their little text file. shared it with some friends. and then moved on with life.

i wonder if i'm doing life right — do these text blocks end up in some archive some day?

is someone reading them?

and if so, would you like to be friends?

it is very late, i am very tired, and could use a hug.