We are now letting anyone invest in Are.na. Here's why.

Are.na is launching an equity crowdfunding campaign on Republic, where anyone can invest as little as $100 in return for a financial stake in the company.

Visit republic.co/arena to invest. Help spread the word by sharing the campaign page with your network.

In December, we wrote that 2018 would be a time to take stock of our online communities and start to build a better internet.

Since then, a mainstream conversation has taken shape around the costs that social networks exact on our well-being and our society. And beyond that debate, many distinct voices are pointing out the ways in which the web is broken, demanding a new focus on ethics in technology, and asking difficult questions about what should come next.

Are.na has gained incredible momentum as we’ve focused on building a different kind of online community in 2018. Our membership has grown by 60% in the new year. Almost half a million connections have been made. And with the support of our Premium members, we’re on track to cover expenses this year and make Are.na sustainable over the long term.

So why are we raising investment? And why are we crowdfunding it?

We’re raising funds because we can’t wait to build better tools for the members who make Are.na possible. From group features to interface upgrades, now is the time to ensure Are.na becomes the best way to think, learn, and collaborate on the web.

We’re crowdfunding Are.na because we believe our members should be able to own a piece of this platform. This campaign will help us grow in a way that lines up with our values, while making real equity in Are.na available to anyone who shares our vision.

We’ve seen plenty of platforms grow so quickly that they end up sacrificing both their missions and their ethics. We’re not interested in becoming the next viral sensation or walking away from what we’re building. And we will never abuse the trust of our members by commodifying their attention, their emotions, or their personal information.

Are.na’s vision is a genuine community of lifelong learners, where curiosity is valued and people can cultivate many forms of knowledge together. We will always be supported by members who use Are.na to think and work more effectively.

This campaign only further aligns our interests as a company with those of our members. When you invest in Are.na, you’re not just helping us grow the company — you’re buying an actual stake in its future.

Are.na is changing what an online community can be, and we want you to be a part of the process. We hope you’ll join us as investors.

— the Are.na team

A few FAQs

Do I get an actual stake in the company, even with a $100 investment?

Yes. You’ll receive a convertible note that can turn into shares in the future. This is a common instrument for investments in early stage companies. Please carefully read the full offer and FAQs on our campaign page. If you don’t see an answer to your question, feel free to ask it in the comments section on our campaign page.

How can I know more about your business and company plans?

On our campaign page you’ll find a transparent description of Are.na’s current features, statistics and finances. The page also explains how we plan to grow and how we’ll use your investments. All investors will receive regular updates after the campaign, but in the meantime you can always refer to our public roadmap.

How might investors get returns?

Our long-held goal is to build a sustainable, independent business. We intend to distribute dividends to shareholders once the company becomes profitable. Visit our campaign page to learn more about Are.na’s projected revenue and our near-term business model.