Radical Digital Painting & Political Rock - 100% Næstekærligheds Tek Radio

Many channels on Are.na exhibit sophisticated collections of diagrams, maps, and drawings. I would like to augment those with some political content related to arguably the most violent diagrams that exist in the world today, the borders between nations, in addition to ten theoretical “probes” on digital painting. This is Radical Digital Painting & Political Rock brought directly to your eyes and ears by myself and the refugee organization and techno rock band GP&PLS, also known as Goodiepal & Pals, whom I am currently touring through Europe with at the moment.

GP&PLS in Oslo, September 13, 2018 (Tara Pattenden, Jeffrey, Dalin Waldo, Sif, Goodiepal, Rowan, Benjamin Flesser, Lars Skinnebach, Nynne)

Referenced in the podcast is a generative worksheet inspired by an experiment of the late artist Harold Cohen, in addition to a PayPal address used by GP&PLS for donations, which is [email protected]. You can access the worksheet here: https://ws1.justanothersystem.org (refresh the page to regenerate). Print and draw on or digitally annotate the PDF by connecting the dots in a meaningful way, and upload the results here.

Yours truly,