Guard Your Naivety — I think it's an interesting time to be a creative right now particularly within the design industry. I feel a real sense of flux and with the pandemic as a catalyst, that perhaps we are heading towards a real shakeup and a "genuine" restructuring, hopefully deviating from this really homogenous sense of "clean" design.

Sometimes I feel frustrated with design — saturation, overexposure, so many images, trends trends trends that all look the same! Cool and slick and beautiful but ultimately the same.

I want to hold on to that intangible sense that I had when I was a child or before I became more trained in these disciplines, "the original naivety". While I always want to be immersed in the latest work and to be abreast of broader developments in my industry, I think a lot about how important it is that we differentiate. After all, wasn't that the initial point? To distinguish one thing from another?

Differentiation in the end product relies on differentiation across all aspects of the process. We need our own, individual sources, we each need to dig deeper, to tap into our personal experiences and perspectives to draw unique correlations, and to stop caring about "being cool" — I think this could help develop divergent strands of work for a more interesting industry. Obviously there are systemic changes that need to happen, but guard the original naivety — the reasons why you started, the reasons why you feel 'x' is stupid or not good enough or whatever. It's this, what we've got inside of us, that differentiates us. I don't want to lose that as I notice some of my recent work seems to be manifesting through that streamlined lens and I feel like I'm becoming "a better designer". According to who and what?

Guard Your Naivety 2020

Guard Your Naivety