A rule about breaking relationships
[Each thing has or has had its time, gratitude over lamentation]
A rule about committing to lifelong relationships
[I cannot promise you forever and you cannot promise me the same but I will try to keep the promise anyway]
A rule about compromises in work/effort
[Pay it forward]
A rule about making and creating things
[Create for yourself, create a lot, get the shitty stuff out of your system, live interestingly for best inspiration, stay curious]
A rule about your relationship to history
[I have a personal history and we have a collective history; you are in charge of your contributions to both]
A rule about your relationship to wealth and status
[Wealth and status still can't make someone love you]
A rule about your deepest grow-together relationships
[For you I want to live]
A rule about your physical body
[Do what the fuck you want with it and try to be kind]
A rule about how you science
[I science to art better which is to feel better which is to understand better]
A rule about what your life is a measure of*
[Beats per minute, breaths, footsteps, the invisible club of people who have touched me and hopefully vice versa, the simplest pleasures like embrace, cold ocean and hot coffee, the miraculousness of the natural world and the cyclical nature of all things, the thrill of meeting someone new, the premonition of their importance to you, recording because I want to remember, catalogues of days and nights lived, always give more than you think is necessary]
A rule about how you appear in public
[It's just a communal stage]
A rule about irreversible public action
[Can we make it universal healthcare?]

Make Your Own Rules