2.0 Journal Entry 04-20-21

Nearing the end of this project is exciting and disappointing at the same time. I think I have this engrained idea in my head that I could always do more or the work could always mean more. This project has been an exercise in letting that go and really just following the process. It has been less frustrating than other projects I’ve done at CCS because I haven’t really felt “wrong” at any point—and if I did get something wrong it only meant room for growth. All that to say, this process has felt much more fluid and natural and I was able to take a break from it and get re-excited about it again—rather than just burn out.

This next week is actually the final steps… I have a lot of production to do—but I actually kind of love that part as long as everything goes relatively smoothly. I plan to finish pretty much all of the printing this Tuesday (I have one straggler page that will need it’s final layer on Thursday) but then I will be able to bind and scan on Thursday and photograph over the weekend.

I worked through a refreshed microsite design that is really quite simple but incorporated a little bit more contextual information that might further explain some of the thinking to someone who knows nothing about the project. The e-reader is still the primary function.

For the images I take this weekend, I’m hoping to have a little fun with the style, doing in-situation photos on a desk. But as a contrast I want to do in-situation photos in nature to kind of play into the relationship that I am pulling on in the book between women and nature. We will see if they work out, it could be only okay so I might just stick with the desk. We shall see.

I’m kind of sad to be almost done. I really love this kind of work and I’m not sure how to get back into it in my career. I also just really appreciate the class “vibe” and I always feel energized to have conversations and hear about other people’s work—so I will miss that for sure.

Journal Entry 11

2.0 Journal Entry 04-13-21

Okay it's rough... but here is the draft of my thesis statement:

Time is the monetary exchange that happens within cycles. Spending and wasting time. Earning and cherishing time. It is a complicated relationship for women in the workplace—days, hours, and minutes become a method of control and constraint but when returned become a reclamation of slowness and intention. The modern work environment was crafted without regard to women—the traditional perception and function of “work” in the United States is based on the male body and male productivity as a way to feed a capitalist economy.

This led me to the question: How would American work culture operate if it was built to serve women and the cyclical nature of their bodies?

As a response, my process began with redesigning artifacts from the workplace to challenge the understanding of how time functions for women. I then created an imaginary study printed on a risograph and digitized on the internet that held these excavated artifacts—A Future History: Women & the Transformed Experience of Time in the Workplace.

This imagined “Future History” exists as an alternative to women’s current experience women have in the workplace. In an abstract and whimsical way, the study breaks down “the past 75 years” (our next 75 years) and the objects and subsidies attempted to relieve the way women experience time at work.

To speculate on the way this world looks, runs, and connects, I conducted interviews with four women on their current experience of time in the workplace. This led to conversations about fatigue, career frustration, and menstrual cramps. These interviews and the research of other women’s work around speculating futures provided insight to a feminist, abundant web of women and a shared dissatisfaction—but also a shared imagination.

Perhaps the most realistic conclusion I came to out of the whimsical world was the importance of citations that interconnect the research and imaginary observations. I added footnotes throughout the study that connected back to the work that influenced my thinking. In the e-reader version of this study, these citations become an interactive archive of imagined futures for women.

I decided not to start with what I made because I felt like a setup would be helpful but perhaps it's not straightforward enough.

Journal Entry 10

2.0 Journal Entry 04-06-21

This project is interesting because it is hard to encapsulate all of my thoughts into a book. And I get hung up on things like color and type (which are very important, but should not be paralyzing). So I’m jumping that hurdle this week while conducting the rest of my interviews.

I’m a little nervous because of time/amount I need to do. But I feel generally okay after going back to my schedule and shifting things around a bit. My overarching plan is to finish the content design (artifacts, landscapes, etc.) & interviews this week and use the weekend to produce the book and start prepping any files that I want to print on the risograph so I can begin to print those the following week (I’m planning to do a combination of risograph and laser printing on paper & vellum).

I bought paper for the project which is excited. I got a variety of different stuff from Mohawk and hopefully that will be here by the end of the week so I can make some material/format decisions this weekend.

I’m getting excited to finish this up but like WOAH not a lot of time left. I also feel like I am still adjusting a bit to this workflow (aka doing interviews, design, and layout all at once). I get a bit hung up on the idea that nothing is ~done~ for me to check off a list. Or that I’m not doing enough work or that there isn’t enough depth to my work. But the reality of this situation is that it will be done when it’s all done and it will be what it is in this moment—and I’m trying to ease my nerves with that idea. Also I still feel passionate about this research / project and I could see myself wanting to do something more with it post grad.

Anywho—this week will be a big push for me in terms of making & conversations. And next week will hopefully be a lot of production and then the following week documentation. Wow, final stretch!

Journal Entry 9