Ikenna Samuel

@TheOluwabukunmi Did you talk about her always carrying a knife at every given argument and he in self defence got her killed...?
Stop making it a one sided thing..

This is Augusta Osedion, a 22yo with her whole life ahead of her. Unfortunately, Benjamin Best, her boyfriend of about 3 years cut that life short when he stabbed her in a heated argument and left her to die in July. He has continued his life like nothing happened. We know…

– @TheOluwabukunmi

Sep 20, 2023, 8:28:56 AM

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Wagatwe Wanjuki

I see so many new/low follower accounts intentionally causing havoc on Black Twitter. it's definitely getting bad.

Aug 2

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Famous Wealthy Youtuber F.D Signifier

I just woke up to something truly embarrassing...@ FDsignifier, The Atlanta Police Foundation would like to thank us for our contribution. Considering you informed me yesterday that I wasn't black, I decided to use my new found whiteness to support our Pan European brothers in blue.

I live in Atlanta

11:18 AM · May 14, 2023

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Chris Richards #ClassWarNotColdWar

The white supremacist model, as communicated by white supremacist William Gilmore Simms in "The Sword and the Distaff" is that white men are the owners and protectors, white women are the disciplinarian nurturers, and Black women police Black men for white women.

3:13 PM · Sep 7, 2023

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no thrones on arakko

There's legit cause to call attention to black men who abuse black women online (they exist). There's also significant negativity bias, where bad interactions have outsized influence on our perceptions.

5:20 PM · Sep 7, 2023

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Alex H

Something I'd like to see from BMS and Black feminist scholars is a discussion of trauma. I think I sincere conversation around expressing pain in a healthy manner and healing collectively is needed. The back and forth the past few days is getting to be a lot...

7:58 PM · Sep 8, 2023

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This is a BMS scholar
I'm proud to be in the number cuz not one of us would say we shouldn't do something about the harm Black males cause other Black people. What we are saying is that we also get hurt too & that the solutions are communal, not pointing fingers at 1 identity.

Sep 7

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