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So I’m watching Futurama and I’m on the episode with the amazoness people ANDDDD HEAR ME OUTTtttt

RIGHT LMAOOOO IM SAYING THE SAME THING I definitely thirst tweet a lot but dam I’m really just talking about a show I’m watching


You see the vision

Zack Brannegan

10:17 PM · May 26, 2023

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A severed tether

Using videos of men working under unacceptable conditions, to spite women, is an own goal. Advocate for better working conditions for all instead of using other men’s suffering to further your misogyny.MeN and WoMeN DeSeRvE EqUaL PaY Meanwhile……What’s stopping women from doing this…

Even middle class people are at risk of poverty when they lose their jobs. Do you know what happens when a metalsmith who works in a singlet and slippers gets hurt?

7:39 PM · May 26, 2023

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Tips n Trix

I let go of the internet telling me it's okay not to want to love black men and boys and I've been able to talk with the black men and boys in my life about the pain that they caused precisely because I choose to see them as teachable (children) and redeemable (adults)this is not me agreeing with this quote (because one thing about me, Imma let the hand go). but it is hard to wrestle with loving black men (especially your family/those you hold dear) and how patriarchy shows up in those relationships. :)

I know we don't like belcalis hooks on here, but in Will To Change she talks about the grief of finding black men to be insufficient for us and a lot of us just feel sad that we don't want them around. I dug deep and healed that wound. SW changed that for me so much +

When my coin was dependent on figuring out what they needed and that money started to pay for my own freedom from capitalist structures (i.e. stuff like SW being immediate pay and not waiting for 2 weeks), shit hit different.

When I was outcast WITH men because we shared the same spaces that academic black women hated because SW goes against #blacklove. Shit got real different.

Because if you ask some of your mutuals on here, I too -- am a danger to "good" black women and families.

Even though my work, both academic and otherwise is explicitly for us. What folks decide to reduce me to is what they reduce me to.

10:41 PM · May 23, 2023

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This is what we mean when we say toxic masculinity.

12:52 PM · May 20, 2023

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Can I Peg You @Sethrogen ?

That story about the man who had his child for the weekend n the kid asked for something to eat n he made him a peanut butter n jelly sandwich n the kid looked at that nigga n told him he couldn’t eat that n the dad was confused so the kid reminded him he had a peanut allergy..

May 17

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Fart Disco

Stop posting our weekend.

3:49 PM · May 13, 2023

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such nerve!

“Only women, children, and dogs are loved unconditionally. A man is only loved under the condition that he provide something.” idk man i’m pretty sure all that obedience y’all demand of women, children, & dogs counts as a condition, plus the beauty standards you enforce on women

women get abandoned for gaining weight, for becoming seriously ill, for getting pregnant, for not getting pregnant, for being disobedient, for getting wrinkles, for not being sufficiently sexually available, and for a plethora of other reasons — all of which are CONDITIONS.

what the hell

idk why you qualified it with “cis” when trans men are just as likely to be misogynistic

12:07 AM · May 14, 2023

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𝐒𝖍𝖆𝐤𝖆 𝐙𝖚𝖑𝖚

All it takes is one joke from the boys for you to start looking at your girl differently

“Wheres Bigfoot ?” Now the size of your girls feet bothers you


Man nobody cares what you have to say

Why would i say that?

1:09 PM · May 11, 2023

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Shomi WNC

Countries will worry about low birth rates while implementing laws and social attitudes that stigmatise children and mothers. They actively discriminate against people that have children and make life considerably harder, then complain that less children are being born .What a photo. In S.Korea, a growing number of venues like cafes, casual bistros, or even public libraries ban children under the "no kids" banner, supposedly not to inconvenience other patrons. One MP criticized the "exclusionary" practice in a presser, with her toddler in tow.

Attacks on children in today’s world, are attacks on women. If children are confined to the home, women are. If childcare is inaccessible, women cannot compete well in the job market. How do we get well-adjusted adults when they’re raised by frustrated and restricted mothers?


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