Twitter vs Mastodon

On birdsite I can quickly search for old cards and then remix them into a new narrative thread and people can click thru if they want context, and I can make meta-notes about ideas. The format on mastodon seems to only work well for more linear rants. A lot harder for me to build things stigmergically like that on mastodon.

One of my birdthreads is over 2 years old and still growing. My mind embodied, now held captive by the very threads that I needed to express.

As example of search I found this in less than a second:
"Decompressing idio jargon. Transcoding, translating & transliterating ideas into signposts so others can follow along. Narrative as journey."

and I typed this into my browser address without thinking:


to get to that idea.

However, The search tools in mastodon are limited to hashtags.... and I wouldn't have known term "signposts" was meaningful for me to build a #hashtag around until a few months later. That entire thread is now encoded in my mind palace as "signposts".

It's hard for me to bucket things into topics: I'm ontologically soft and ideas never fit normal categories. Patterns emerge much latter. My mind is a spider's web of noise & poetry most times.

I'll admit, i'm not using this thing like normal people. I'm taking a technique meant to treat schizophrenia and theory of mind issues (I have high-functioning-autism) known as Narrative Identity
and applying to my own explorations as a way to figure out what I'm trying to say.

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Twitter vs Mastodon