i’ve noticed the most effective people i know move with a certain slowness that is distinct from others.

their slowness is a result of presence, care and intention. they don’t rush decisions. they take their time. they don’t move in haste, they move at a pace that feels right.

their slowness is a reflection of their comfort with doing things the way they think they should be done.

when we are not rushing, we see things clearly. when we are rushing, we miss important details.

slowness is a manifestation of having our full attention present.

we’re trained to look down on slowness

but if the most thoughtful people use slowness to navigate life with care—perhaps we should question our tendency to live in haste which often causes us to miss things by being so focused on the next moment that we forget to be where we are

tldr: normalize slowness, because it often represents presence—a scarce resource in our always going culture that rewards hustle and punishes reflection

slowness is a way to adjust your grip on life, on the moment you’re in. pause. breathe. look around. proceed. there’s no rush!

Mar 20, 2023, 9:07:16 PM