I'm building a digital garden in Jekyll. And it's easier than I thought.

Stackoverflow and the GitHub forum are becoming my best friends, plus, I'm starting the get to grips with the Ruby environment.

I'm using Maxime Vanillancourt's Jekyll garden template.

EDIT: I am still gardening, though my full-time job is taking precious time away from being able to code as much as I want to. So, I'm looking at ways to make space in my week to reclaim my creative space back. There will be updates.

I'm building a digital garden in Jekyll

Some of the things I have learned while working on How to feel more at home (the website):
- I have a better understanding of jQuery, SASS (Scss), Compass, NPM, and Git.
- I know how to implement p5js in a webpage with other elements (not created via p5js) and libraries.
- I understand how to make Tone.js work on most desktop and mobile browsers.

Things I have learned

Happy new year y'all! We have a new flower blossomed from the organised dirt that is this channel:


"How to feel more at home" turns into an interactive work and takes the form of a website. The contents of the site articulate personal ideas of home, what (and who) makes one, and how to find meaning living inbetween homes.

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