> a longtime “non-political” friend of mine called me up out of the blue last week to tell me that he’d read inhabit.global and that it was the first piece of political writing that resonated deeply with him since Trump was elected, and that it overturned the personal-political distinction with such effortlessness and clarity that he felt as if it (the critique) was completely obvious the entire time he had spent maintaining the distinction. I’d been throwing radical texts at him for years and had never gotten and was usually met with indifference or hostile confusion; it was sheer fucking magic that this happened.
> Speaking of the vaunted “popular appeal” that functions as one of the holy grails that leftists veritably lust after, he took an evening walk recently and came across a PSL poster taped to a lamp-post. When he stopped to read it, he said he was immediately struck by the patronizing, moralistic, and above all panicked tone and subject matter of the poster (as well as its length), and was immediately turned off by the numerous expressions of outraged indignation (he called it “textual wailing”) and commands to “unite” and “become disciplined enough to save the world” – overall, he told me, it was a dissonant hodgepodge of guilt-tripping and attempts to give orders on the basis of this guilt, and he went so far as to say it was the inversion of everything he found to be moving and true in Inhabit.