a bad apple/egg – a bad influence/someone who brings trouble
a couch potato – an idle person
a hard nut to crack – a difficult person to understand/a difficult problem to solve
a piece of cake – easy
a smart cookie – a clever person
big cheese – an important person
bread and butter – the necessities
doesn’t cut the mustard – doesn’t meet the required standard
food for thought – worth considering
gone pear-shaped – gone unexpectedly wrong
in a nutshell – simply put
in a pickle – in trouble/mess
like chalk and cheese – opposites
like two peas in a pod – very similar
not my cup of tea – not the type of thing I usually enjoy
selling like hot cakes – selling quickly and in large quantities 17) the apple of my eye – the person I adore
the cream of the crop – the best
the icing on the cake – something positive that happens in an already very good situation but sometimes something quite bad that happens in an already very bad situation
to be handed something on a (silver) platter – to acquire something easily, usually without any effort on the receiver’s part
to bring home the bacon – to earn the income
to butter someone up – to flatter someone in the hopes of receiving special treatment
to cry over spilt milk – to get upset over something that has already happened and cannot be changed 24) to eat humble pie – to apologise and accept humiliation
to egg someone on – to urge someone to do something foolish
to go bananas/to go nuts – to lose control as a result of being extremely excited/annoyed
to have a bun in the oven – to be pregnant
to spill the beans – to reveal (usually secret) information
to take something with a pinch of salt – to accept that a piece of information is probably exaggerated
you can’t have your cake and eat it (too) – you can’t have something ‘both ways’/you can’t have the best of both worlds/you can’t have the two mutually exclusive things you desire at once