dug up this dream from january 23 2020. dmed this to chris around 1130:I had a dream last night that I was in high school and I was dating some random boy from my high school and I ditched my soccer game to hangout with him and I drove by my soccer game and saw that my grandpa was there and he traveled all by himself and he looked so cute and comfused that I wasn’t there I started crying hysterically and I felt so guilty

so basically what in the dream i was in high school and i was reuniting with my boyfriend a** who because i had been away for some time doing some thing. i was wearing that halter black and white polka dot dress that i didn't own in high school but bought frantically at urban outfitters a few years ago for some event? i can't remember. when he saw me he was really excited and he started to dry hump me and suddenly grandpa came over to be like what's happening. and i was so humiliated that i hid under a blanket in the back seat of his car. we drove away around the turf field and i saw grandpa on the other side, wearing a illiam * ***** shirt bright orange and blue like the one you owned in 2nd grade. he was wearing bright gold chains that i could see from across the field and it was like my dream had that shiny instagram filter people use to make their grills glisten. i felt so awful for leaving him, and in my dream i thought of the home video of him sitting in the back of my prechildhood babyhood home saying 'hi baby' from the lawn chair while i sat in the blow up pool alone. i love him so much