mcgraw workshop notes

- semester priorities (2-3, at most 4)
1. keep health
-- good sleep
-- exercise
-- eat right
2. have a thesis show you can be proud of
-- have productive advising meetings
3. find a job
-- make a portfolio
4. keep social connections

- should reflect values! need positive motivations for changing behaviors
- schedule things that give joy & relaxation as well
- schedule most important things in the morning!
- leave open blocks of time, including blocks to plan, schedule, and catch up (PROTECT THESE BLOCKS!)
- can trade blocks around because the same, already pre-set
- thesis: 40 hrs/week, classes: 20 hrs/week
- weekly review:
- what are some of your goals for this week?
- what went well this week?
- what didn't go well this week?
- what are some changes you want to make for next week?

- don't do emails during most productive times of day! giving easy task your best energy
- a good routine on tuesday depends on a good routine on monday night

- try to get as much out of block of time as possible (especially applicable to readings)

1. how do you think or talk yourself out of doing what you planned or what you believe is in your best interests?
2. what behavioral patterns or habits are maladaptive and lead to avoidance/distraction/procrastination?
3. what feelings, thoughts, or mental states trigger mind games, avoidance, or delay?
4. what are social and environmental obstacles to engaging in the activities you had intended?

mcgraw workshop notes (02/16/18)