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My Artist's Statement


9-12 months out

Even though the life of FSA is in the Participants, Guests, Content, and Vision, securing a modest amount of funding can facilitate content and make things run more smoothly. Given FSA's already proven track record in 2017 & 2018, I'd encourage you to make funding your first focus for an FSA '19 or '20 or '21 in Los Angeles or Dubai or anywhere else. Get these relationships in place as early as you can.

Funders love company

On scales as large as building a museum, and as small as printing a poster, I've seen time and again that there are many people and organizations willing to support you, but they prefer not to be out front alone. Funders love the validation of having other funders join them in supporting you.

Use the FSA website to include information on being an FSA funder and then reach out to as many organizations as possible.

Create Tiers

You might create 3 tiers of support:

  • Salk Institute - US$1,000 donation or in-kind goods or services
  • Lautner House - US$500 donation or in-kind goods or services
  • Venice Bungalow - US$100 donation or in-kind goods or services

Value Yourself

Even though participants have has a compelling experience at FSA, the struggle of "keeping all the balls in the air" while running FSA might lead you to forget what a valuable group FSA is and how much architecture firms and vendors might like to interact with FSA.

Who are FSA's 3 dozen Participants?

  • Young Architects & related fields
  • International
  • Highly educated
  • Highly motivated
  • Big Thinkers

What architecture firm wouldn't want to meet such a promising group of emerging architects?

What vendor wouldn't want to show their, eg Ceramic Tiles, or anything else, to someone who has the potential to specify their materials for decades to come?

Return Value

When organizations do decide to help make your FSA possible, be sure to give back to them

  • Event Participation - have a minimum of 1 event that includes your funders. If they'd like to come in person, you can either give them a table, or have them be free in the room. Either way, be sure to thank them publicly and announce their presence. If they don't come in person, invite them to send a batch of brochures, stickers, or whatever they'd like and put their materials out.
  • Website - have a funder page on the FSA website. Talk about their work and link to their website.
  • T-shirts - print FSA t-shirts with something cool on the front and lots of funder logos on the back.


Your FSA budget is it's own topic. Whatever it might be, let's just say US$5,000. Make that a target goal and try to secure at least that in commitments when you're 9-12 months out from the event. It wouldn't hurt to secure 1/3 above your goal in case anyone doesn't come through.

Good Luck!

Money isn't everything, and it isn't what makes FSA awesome, but it can help things run smoother.

Good Luck!

FSA Fundraising