Okay! So, we drove across America as a family: Mama Monika, Papa Jan, 7-year-old Helena and 4-year-old Czesiu (pronounced cheshoo). Except that, when we started out in September 2017, the children were 6 and 3 respectively. we mention this because so many people think you can’t do anything with kids.

This is our expedition through a ravishing, colourful world. This is a book about how travel broadens the mind and helps you to understand the world around you. About how your perspective about what’s important in life can change, and about how you can and need to change the world and make it a better place. About how children rock, and how they learn so much without being taught, because they’re so open to the world, so curious, without inhibitions.

We’ve thrown in a handful of memories, an ounce or two of more-or-less serious text, seasoned with several hundred photos from three hundred and forty days and drizzled with a few dozen recipes of America’s finest sweets and dishes, to make the cauldron of bolivian sopa de mani or alaskan chowder you now hold in your hands. And, straight from the heart, we’ve entitled it: ¡America!

This is a book about having faith in people, because we believe in people wherever they are in the world, which is how we were able to cover every one of those fifty thousand miles without fear. We believed in just… liking one another. Because this journey of a lifetime, this dream was and is, above all, about liking your fellow man. That’s what we believe, and every day we wish for everyone to like their fellow man, too. Very important!

That’s what this book is about. About us, and about you. Thank you. And welcome. Welcome and thank you. ¡Bienvenidos en fin del mundo! ¡Bienvenidos a nuestro mundo!

Now take this atlas and make yourselves at home. In America.

Monika & Jan