Emily Galvin-Almanza

For those who don't know shot spotter is a technology that claims to identify gunshots but actually really identifies loud noises, giving police the opportunity to come into a community because somebody slammed a garbage can.



Essentially technology like this is a substitute for the consent of a community to the manner in which they are policed.

In other words, when ppl stop engaging violent or dehumanizing police, this tech calls the police in anyway.


This election where ppl most impacted by violence in Chicago chose a mayor who wants to address ROOT CAUSES of crime instead of ineffective outdated measures is tremendously exciting, and it also makes sense that investors would recognize a sign to divest from outdated cop tech.

This kind of tech doesn't get used in wealthy white neighborhoods. Wealthy white ppl are allowed to choose not to call the police.

A systemic, racist assumption of criminality in poor neighborhoods and Black/brown neighborhoods robs them of this choice

Shotspotter stock dropped 22% yesterday. 📉

Yes, it was because of the election. +

– @SLKollmann

Apr 6, 2023, 1:30:49 PM

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