We can finally share the beta of the new Are.na client. We are still working on it but you can start using it and share feedback. There are also a few of important changes that you should be aware of:

Aside from the obvious design and features changes there are several under the hood details we're implementing. These come from users feedback, data and our own decisions based on what's best for Are.na's future development:

  • Generally the required actions to complete "stories" (i.e. "connect a block to a channel") have been reduced by 1-2 clicks or kept the same.
  • If you open a link from a private channel the webmaster of the landing website won't see the referral URL, you can make "my worst enemies" channels
  • Ways to resurface and manage old channels (/explore and /manage pages)
  • Ability to connect blocks from the open lightbox and connect a channel from the channel itself
  • Google Reverse image on blocks

You can keep an eye on what we've done and what's coming next in our

We are aware of most of the bugs or they're likely work-in-progress glitches, at this stage it's important for us feedback on a usability, interaction, features level. The missing features (user settings, find/invite friends, order blocks and view settings) are coming in the next weeks.

Enjoy: http://beta.are.na

Are.na beta