Positive Affirmations:

  1. I am powerful.

  2. I am capable.

  3. I am growing.

  4. I love who I am today.

  5. I am my absolute favorite.

  6. I don't drink or do drugs, & I love it.

  7. I do not want to inflict interpersonal, institutional, or verbal violence. Peace starts on our plates & in our minds.

  8. I am worthy.

  9. I see beauty in everything.

  10. I deserve kind, good things.

  11. I do not take everything personally, & I see the good in everything and everyone. Not everyone is out to hurt or exploit me.

  12. I can have the will power to be zero-waste, vegan, teetotaler, peaceful, & kind to myself, nonhuman animals, & other human animals.

  13. Learning about capitalism, neo/colonialism, colonial history, white supremacy, privileges, & ongoing existing wars should inspire me to learn about choosing my battles, justifying hard decisions concerning totalitarian regimes/locations of oppressions, & understanding the distinctions between the individual as not a monolith of their ethnic-linguistics-nationalist identities they have inherited.

  14. I will not choose to have children, because I love children and I don't want to bring unborn lovely souls into a society full of vices, crimes, hazing, violence. I trust too many folks to make the right choices, & I do not control folks. So, I cannot always protect them from cisheterosexual white supremacist kyriarchy as a result of the legacy of colonialism and capitalist kyriarchy.

  15. I will practice peace in my mind, my words, actions, & on my plate.

  16. I will unlearn slurs, insensitive language, & I will be a better person every day, to my best abilities

  17. I will handle future rejections with better grace and ease, so that I can learn to be my own person irrespective of others' feelings.

  18. I will always unlearn and relearn.

Unlearning Codependency & Positive …