14 million years: The first great apes appeared.
530,000 years: Development of speech in Homo Heidelbergensis.
400,000 years: Hominids hunted with wooden spears and used stone cutting tools.
370,000 years: Human ancestors and Neanderthals were fully separate populations.
350,000 years: Evolution of Neanderthals.
300,000 years: Hominids used controlled fires.
Neanderthal man spread through Europe

200,000 years: Anatomically modern humans appeared in Africa.
105,000 years: Stone age humans foraged for grass seeds such as sorghum.
80,000 years: Non-African humans interbreed with Neanderthals.
60,000 years: Oldest male ancestor of modern humans.
40,000 years: Cro-Magnon man appeared in Europe.
30,000 years: Neanderthals disappeared from fossil record.
First domestic dogs.

15,000 years: Bering land bridge between Alaska and Siberia allowed human migration to America.
12,000 years: Fired pottery invented.
9,000 years: Metal smelting started.
5,500 years: Invention of the wheel.
5,300 years: The Bronze Age.
5,000 years: Development of writing.
4,500 years: Pyramids of Giza.
3,300 years: The Iron Age.
2,230 years: Archimedes advanced mathematics.
1350: Black death kills 1/3 of human population.
1800: Industrial Revolution.
1804: Human population hits 1 billion (it took 200,000 years to reach 1 billion humans, 200 years to reach 7 billion)
1930: Human population hits 2 billion
1957: Satellites orbited Earth.
1960: Human population 3 billion
1969: Human walked on the surface of the Moon.
1974: Human population hits 4 billion
1987: Human population 5 Billion
2011: 7 Billion
A third of all green house gas emissions in the atmosphere emitted by humans occurrs between 2003-2020 .
2023: Human population hits 8 Billion
2040 Amazon Rainforest is estimated to be degraded to dry Savannah.