CJ: Hey Brendan! Yeah, you have to preface your name at the moment. Was thinking of doing something fancy with using the Are.na API to grab someone's name but thought that might make it a little less lightweight. Might not be too difficult to do though. Let me address those those three questions though...

A) It can be as real-time as you want it to be! Like I told Jared earlier, this runs on a Glitch app that activates via a scheduler/cron-job. The app runs every 2 minutes but could be for every hour if we wanted to. That aspect could be experimented with further. I like the idea of finding a middle-ground between a blogchain and a chatroom, so maybe more on the longer side would be interesting.

B) This could definitely be a comment section alternative. I guess it would mean that people need an Are.na account to participate, unless Are.na has a channel setting where anyone can contribute to it. This reminds me of Utterances, a light-weight commenting system that runs on Github issues. Trojan horsing comments into a blog by means other than an official commenting system is super fascinating to me. Having it as an annotation system would also be great. Honestly there could be other ways to incorporate it that I am not thinking of.

C) Originally I thought about using blogchats how Kicks Condor used blogchats - as a one-to-one "interview" format that was displayed publicly. It's a way to exchange ideas that's a little more lightweight and easier than inviting someone in a blogchain. The conversation can happen at anyone's pace and can be to the point. Adding more than two people to a blogchat would be interesting to see, but I wonder if opening it up to everyone would be a bit chaotic. Could be worth a shot though.